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Contact Information

Mailing Address

1660 Dr. A. Vasquez St, Malate, Manila 1004, Philippines

Trunk Lines

+632 523-6564

+632 523-2884

+632 400-9779

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Local Numbers

If you need to reach a staff member, please feel free to use their extension numbers below:

Local No. Staff Office
100 Senior Pastor, Rev. Isagani Deslate Senior Pastor
101 Beth Ocampo & Lynneth Del Mundo Accounting
102 Rev. Lelinda C. Mugot CEN
103 Elder Edna F. Gonzalez/ Elder Aida B. Dasallas Christian Leadership Learning Dev. Center (CLLDC)
104 Rev. Edwin Catungal MGD
105 Rev. Ron A. Camcam CWS
106 Teacher Ellen Morada Ellinwood Christian School
107 Mr. Cris Sandigan Worship/ Bus
108 Rev. Carlos dela Cruz Shepherding
109 Ms. Perlita G. Lendio MGD Staff
110 Ms. Josie Abelida CWS Staff
111 Deslates Unit 1
112 Ms. Cordialae Odchigue CEN/SM Staff
113 Humberto Dipaling General Services
114 Guard on Duty Guard Post

Direct Lines

Name Tel. No.
Ellinwood Christian School +632 523-7365
LCSMC +632 400-9986
CLLDC +632 400-9972
UCCP +632 536-8005
EMC +632 523-6564 | +632 523-2884 | FAX +632 400-9779
107th Anniversary
ACTS 29 on facebook
United Church of Christ in the Philippines

Lectionary for October 2014 (Anniversary Month)

October 5 “The Church in Unity with Christians around the World” (Sixth Sunday in Kingdomtide/Worldwide Communion Sunday)

Texts: Isaiah 25:1-9; Matthew 22:1-14

October 12 “Proclaiming God as Lord of All in All” (Seventh Sunday in Kingdomtide)

Texts: Isaiah 45:1-7; Matthew 22:15-22

October 19 “The Majesty and Glory of God's Law” (107th CHURCH ANNIVERSARY; Eighth Sunday in Kingdomtide)

Texts: Psalm 90:1-6, 13-17; Matthew 22:34-46

October 26 “The Reformed Church, Always in Need of Reforming” (Ninth Sunday in Kingdomtide/Reformation Sunday)

Texts: Psalm 34:1-10, 22; Matthew 5:1-12